Sunday, August 19, 2012

Getting Organized

Teachers officially go back in one week...which of course means I have been to my classroom several times already.

I wanted to start the year off  organized, so I turned to pinterest for inspiration.  I decided I wanted a teacher toolbox and a better system for turning in papers.

I made my teacher toolbox like so many of you have already done.  Mine is not as amazing as some of the ones I have seen, but I love it anyway.  (I just wish the drawers were deeper!)

I used the "Stack-On 22-Compartment Storage Cabinet " from Home Depot.  The labels were made by Kristen Doyle.

I also decided to make 2 sets of drawers for students to turn in papers, for me to place work in when they are absent, and to hold other papers I need.  

The drawers are from Target. (I got 2 sets.)

I made the labels using legal size paper and powerpoint. I am happy to send you the file if you want it.  (Just send me an email!)