Monday, December 1, 2014

Currently December

Is it really December 1st?  I was kind of in denial when my alarm went off this morning that break was over.  Don't get me wrong, I am happy to be with my kiddos and really excited about some of the fun things we have going on the next three weeks....but I LOVED sleeping in the last 5 days.

I am listening/watching Friends on the DVR while getting ready this morning.  It never gets old!

I am so excited the the Winter V.I.P. starts today from Creative Clips.  I bought this back in November and it starts today.  Go check out her Tpt!

I am thinking I need to get moving and get my behind to school. I want to stop at Starbucks on my way too!

I want to do my TpT shopping now!  Guess it will wait until after school.

I need to address my holiday cards I just got back.

We (our school) collected 2.700 can goods for needy families in Henrico.  Our SCA is loading the truck today. I am so proud of our school and SCA for giving this holiday season.  I love being an SCa sponsor!

Have a great Monday!

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  1. I am excited about the Winter VIP too.....but I love everything Creative clips! Hope you have a great first day back!

  2. Love me some Creative Clips!! I can't wait for all of the fun goodies from her clubs today!

    Mrs. Plemons' kindergarten

  3. Addressing cards is on my to-do list, too, but I just can't get motivated! :)

  4. I completely need to get my Christmas cards going! Thanks for the reminder :) I hope your day was awesome yesterday!!

    Crofts' Classroom

  5. I LOVE the Winter VIP from Krista! I can't wait to see what we get next! Carol's Teaching Garden

  6. Haha, I didn't even think about holiday cards until I read your post. That and my wedding save the dates. WHOOPS! Thanks for the reminder. Enjoy the holiday season!

    A Middle School Survival Guide

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  8. Love Krista Wallden's stuff. I have a few of her sets and borders. Did you find the VIP deal to be worth it? I didn't really understand how it worked.