Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Made-It

Joining up with Tara for today's Monday Made-it.

I am trying to get organized for next school year...Yes, I know summer JUST started. Since I am moving to a brand-new school I know I will need as much time as possible in August to unpack. I made a printable calendar for my teacher binder. I plan to print it and hole-punch it, then put it at the front of my binder. I wanted something functional and cute.


I got the backgrounds from Absolutely Janie and the borders from HoneyDew Design.
The font is Rowdy Spunky from Rowdy in Room 300.

If you would like the file, help yourself!  You can download it from Google Docs.
2013-2014 Calendar

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday


  1. I LOVE your calendar!!! It's so pretty :) I downloaded it! Thank you!!! We'll both be unpacking in August! Where do you teach? Good luck with your move!

    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  2. I think you hit the nail on the head in terms of practical and adorable! Very generous of you to share with all of us!

    Polka Dots & Teaching Tots

  3. Thank you for sharing! I started making a printable calendar for the new school year last night, but I like yours much better!

    Teaching Special Kids

  4. Dang it! I just printed off a lame calendar for my teacher binder. Looks like I might have to print off yours instead because yours is way cuter! Thanks for sharing!
    Loose Shoelaces

  5. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for this beautiful calendar. I cannot wait to have it printed. :)

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  6. Such a cute calendar! Thank you!! :)


  7. I love the colors! Thank you for sharing such a cute and practical resource! :-) Lauren Teacher Mom of 3

  8. Hi from a fellow fifth-grade teacher! I saw your freebie on Manic Monday. What a creative idea. I never think to make my own things like this, but you showed that you can totally do it to your own taste. Of course, thanks to you, I don't have to. I can just use yours! :) Great job!

    Aspire to Inspire

  9. I LOVE this calendar! The polka dots are great. I will also be unpacking in August - good luck!


  10. Thank you so much for sharing! I LOVE it!!!!!!

  11. So cute and exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much!1

  12. Thanks...what a great calendar! I wish I would have seen it prior to buying one but decided to use it for my Year-at-a-Glance!

  13. Thank you for the beautiful calendar!

  14. Thank you for the great calendar. I have been searching for a 2 page monthly calendar. How do you make a calendar like this which can be edited? I would love to have a calendar where I put everyone's birthday in and then each year it auto populates - is something like this possible?

  15. I LOVE this, thank you so much for offering it for free! Now I just need to find a good weekly calendar with places to write in for homeschooling organization. :)

  16. Do you have these for 2014?

    ...past July? :)

  17. I have been wondering if you are going to update one for 2014?

  18. I have enjoyed using this cute calendar in my family binder. Would love to have it for the rest of the year. :)