Monday, October 14, 2013

Is it really October 14th already???

Okay so I apologize for being MIA the last two months.  I was able to get into the brand-new building the first week of August and I don't think I have taken a break since.  August was full of unpacking and decorating...and then unpacking more.  I LOVE my new school and my new room.  My theme this year isn't really a theme.  It is just polka-dot and chevron decor, but I love it.

I met my 29 fifth graders on September 3rd.  The first day of school was also the day my dad went into the hospital.  He was really sick for a few weeks.  They ended up amputating his leg.  It was a long 4 weeks and he finally got home the first week of October.  He is doing great and very mobile already.  October so far has been spending 3-4 nights a week visiting/helping him.

I promise to post pics of my new classroom later this week.

I am REALLY excited to be participating in my first-ever SLANT box exchange.  I received my matches today and am already stalking their blogs!  For more information (and to join in next month) check out:

The SLANT Box Exchange

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